Tips on insurance products

  • Take up insurance sooner rather than later

    Buy insurance when you are young and in good health.  Premiums will be lower than when you are older or when a health condition sets in.  For health insurance products, some are not available to people over a certain age or with an existing illness.

  • 14-day free look period

    All insurance companies grant a "14-day free look period".  It starts from the date of receipt of your policy document.  During this period, you should review your policy to see if it meets your needs.  If you decide not to keep it, give the company written notice of cancellation and the company will terminate your policy and provide the appropriate refund.

    You may be charged for medical examination expenses and, if you had bought an investment-linked plan, you may suffer investment loss if the unit price has fallen.

  • Enhance your policy with riders

    You can consider adding riders or supplementary coverage/benefits to enhance your insurance policy.

    There are many insurance riders to choose from.  For example, you can take a rider that offers:

    • Disability waiver of premium, which allows you to stop paying premiums for a policy if you become disabled for a sustained period of time;
    • Accidental death benefit, which pays you additional benefit in the event of death resulting from an accident;
    • Family income benefit, which guarantees that your family will continue to receive your monthly income if you die prematurely.
  • Choose a health insurance plan with guaranteed renewal

    Where possible, opt for one that guarantees your cover will stay in force as long as your premiums are paid on time.  Some products allow insurers to change the benefits, premium rates or other terms and conditions when the plans are due for renewal.

  • No need to buy several medical expense policies

    With medical expense insurance, the total benefit you will get is limited to your actual expenses.  Hence, there is no need to take up more than one medical expense policy.