Consumer Guides

Title Description Published Download
A Guide to Mortality and Critical Illness Coverage in Singapore This guide sheds light on LIA protection gap study. 16/11/2018
Your Guide to Participating Policies Available in English and Chinese. This guide sheds light on how a participating life insurance policy works. It provides information you should know... 04/07/2018
Your Guide to Life Insurance Available in English and Chinese. This guide describes the various types of life insurance products and distribution channels and provides general... 29/06/2018
LIA Code of Life Insurance Practice Available in English and Chinese. This guide aims to give you an idea of the practices used by the life insurance industry in Singapore. Life... 22/06/2018
Your Guide to Health Insurance Available in English and Chinese. This guide will come into effect from 1 May 2016. It  provides general information on health... 26/04/2016
Evaluating my Health Insurance Coverage Available in English and Chinese. This infographic effective from 1 May 2016, provides bit size information on the basic national health insurance... 26/04/2016
Your Guide to the Nomination of Insurance Nominees 2015 Available in English and Chinese. This guide outlines how the Insurance Nomination Law, which came into effect on 1 September 2009, applies to... 07/09/2015
Prepare for the "What If's" in Life Available in English and Chinese. This brochure provides general information about life insurance protection and what the consumers should look out... 11/10/2013
Investing in Unlisted Specified Investment Products Available in English and Chinese.Source: MoneySENSE website (at 24/09/2012
Your Guide to Investment-Linked Insurance Plans This guide provides general information about what you should know before purchasing an investment-linked insurance plan – from key features and... 17/08/2006
Planning for your Family's Financial Future This guide was first jointly launched by the IFPAS and the LIA during the Family Festival 2004. Through the daily exploits of the Lim Family, the... 24/11/2004
Guidance Tips for Seniors on Personal Investing Available in English and Chinese. Personal investing can be complex, especially for senior persons. This guide highlights key areas that a senior...