How to make a claim

Here are some points to note when making a claim:

  1. Making a claim

    When you, or your legal representative in the case of your death, make a claim, the insurer will, within two weeks

    • respond by phone or in writing;
    • let you know the procedures in making a claim; and
    • explain whether the type of claim is covered by the policy.

    Within one month of making your claim, the insurer will:

    • process the information you have given and let you know if any more information is required; and
    • keep you informed of the progress of the claim unless it is waiting for a response from you.
  2. Making a claim decision

    The insurer will not unreasonably reject a claim. In particular, it will not reject a claim or make your policy invalid because you have not given it information or given it incorrect information unless:

    1. it is an important fact - in other words it is a fact the insurer has questioned you in the application form and which the insurer believes would have affected its decision whether to accept your application;
    2. it is a fact you should reasonably know about; or
    3. it is a fact which the insurer could reasonably expect you to disclose.

    The insurer will reject your claim if it involves fraud, deception or deliberate giving of false information.

    There are conditions which relate to a time limit for making a claim, hence you should report a claim and any further developments as soon as reasonably possible.

  3. Settling a claim
    • The insurer will pay claims within two weeks once it has proof of the insured event and your legal entitlement to receive payment
    • The insurer will pay interest if it pays a claim more than two months from the date it receives your written notice of the death or, for a matured policy, more than two months from the date the policy comes to an end.

    The insurer will work out the interest using the interest rates published by the Life Insurance Association (LIA).  The interest will apply from the date you give notice until the actual date the insurer makes the payment.  The interest rate is adjusted every three months.

    If you have bought your policy with CPF or SRS savings, all proceeds from a claim (except for a death claim) must go back into your CPF or SRS account.