What do I do when things go wrong?

Refer the matter to your insurance company.  To expedite matters, you need to provide your insurer with details such as the policy number, name, contact numbers, specific nature of your complaint and any supporting documents;

Within three business days, the insurer will acknowledge your complaint;

If the insurer needs additional information, it will contact you within 7 business days from the date it received your complaint;

If your complaint takes longer to resolve, your insurer will update you on the progress of your complaint within 14 business days of its last communication to you.

If the outcome is not satisfactory:

Write to the Principal Officer of the insurer to appeal.  The insurer will respond to your appeal within 14 business days.

If the final outcome is still not satisfactory:

You can seek help from the Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre (FIDReC). This is an independent institution that helps to resolve disputes between financial institutions and consumers in an amicable and fair manner. With FIDReC, you avoid time-consuming, stressful and costly legal proceedings.

For more information, visit the FIDReC website.