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  • Is Medisave enough to cover my medical and hospitalisation bills?
  • At what stage of life should I be considering life insurance?
  • How much would insurance-linked investments help me to grow my savings?
  • How do I decide which insurance plan to buy?

These are some of the questions our industry experts will be addressing on air, starting Monday, August 10. Over 6 weeks, you can tune in to 938LIVE and Capital 95.8FM and pick...

-- Published 30 July 2009 --

Life Insurance Association of Singapore
Singapore Actuarial Society
present the
Life Protection Seminar
20 August 2009, Thursday, 08:30 - 17:15
InterContinental Hotel, Singapore

In the morning actuarial topics including:

  • Pricing in a low interest rate environment
  • Easy to buy, not easy to claim simplified underwriting and protection business
  • ...
-- Published 29 June 2009 --

In the wake of the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, you may be wondering if your life or health insurance policies provide coverage under pandemic conditions.

Here are some quick answers to the questions you may have.

  1. I have a Medical Expense policy.

  2. What about Hospital Cash policy?

  3. I do not own an individual health insurance...

-- Published 01 June 2009 --

The global credit crunch and recession will have a ripple effect on most of us, and sometimes, in very different ways. At times like these, we tend to instinctively scale back on our overheads and expenses, cutting out non-essentials and re-working household and personal expenditure.

So what role does life insurance play in such times of uncertainty?

It may be that you have several life insurance policies in hand and you and your family are pretty much covered...

-- Published 01 June 2009 --

In the wake of the Influenza A (H1N1) outbreak, the Life Insurance Association (LIA) highlighted that most health insurance policies in Singapore do not exclude payments for medical costs related to pandemic influenza.

Coverage of Influenza A (H1N1) applies to Medical Expense (or Hospital and Surgical) policies including Integrated Shield Plans. As such, hospital and medication costs incurred as a consequence of H1N1 flu will be covered, up to the limits, sub-limits as well as any...

-- Published 08 May 2009 --

In view of the global financial crisis and economic recession, policyholders of participating life insurance policies (popularly known as par policies) can expect non-guaranteed benefits, in the form of bonuses, to be revised downwards for 2008 and into the future. These bonus changes are needed due to the poor investment climate in 2008.

Par policies offer both protection and savings through a combination of guaranteed benefits and non-guaranteed benefits in the form of bonuses....

-- Published 26 March 2009 --

IMAS and LIA work with Lipper to enhance Singapore's Fund Tracking Portal (20th August 2008) - News Release

Please go to Singapore's Fund Tracking Portal (at to view information on Singapore-issued investment-linked life insurance products and unit trusts.

-- Published 20 August 2008 --