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In view of the global financial crisis and economic recession, policyholders of participating life insurance policies (popularly known as par policies) can expect non-guaranteed benefits, in the form of bonuses, to be revised downwards for 2008 and into the future. These bonus changes are needed due to the poor investment climate in 2008.

Par policies offer both protection and savings through a combination of guaranteed benefits and non-guaranteed benefits in the form of bonuses....

-- Published 26 March 2009 --

IMAS and LIA work with Lipper to enhance Singapore's Fund Tracking Portal (20th August 2008) - News Release

Please go to Singapore's Fund Tracking Portal (at to view information on Singapore-issued investment-linked life insurance products and unit trusts.

-- Published 20 August 2008 --

If you are unsure when it comes to buying a life insurance policy, an improved consumer guide will help to ensure that the policy you buy is appropriate based on your financial need.

With effect from October 1, a new edition of the compulsory consumer guide, Your Guide to Life Insurance*, will be issued. Your financial adviser or insurance representative will provide you with a copy at the point of purchase.

Produced by the Life Insurance Association (LIA) and...

-- Published 25 September 2007 --

Policyholders who have nominated a spouse and/or child at any time may refer to FAQ to understand the implications of such nomination. If there are further queries, policyholders can call their insurers' hotlines.

For your reference:

-- Published 16 August 2007 --

LIA Guidelines on Participating Life Policies (1 Mar 08)

For your reference, MAS has issued Notice on Enhanced Governance and Disclosure Framework for Participating Life Insurance Business on 29 Jun 07:

MAS Press Release

MAS Consultation Paper 2005


-- Published 29 June 2007 --