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Attached is the media release and the survey results for the LIA consumer survey 2006.

-- Published 10 November 2006 --

Consumers will now be better assured that the representatives they deal with from financial firms possess clean track records and conduct themselves professionally. Industry and professional bodies in the financial sector have joined together to implement standardised reference checking across the different financial industry sectors. Starting October 2, 2006, persons applying for jobs to conduct regulated activities within the financial services industry can expect their prospective...

-- Published 27 September 2006 --

The life insurance industry and the consumer association have joined hands to bring better understanding and clarity of life insurance products to Singapore consumers.

The Life Insurance Association of Singapore (LIA), which represents all life insurance companies, and the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), a consumer watchdog, addressed an audience of more than 500 today at a public forum titled A Guide to Investment-linked Life Insurance Policies.

The seminar...

-- Published 24 September 2005 --

The Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) today announced that Jason Sadler, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Insurance (Singapore) Pte Ltd, has been elected as President of the LIA. Serving as Mr Sadlers Deputy President is Mark ODell, Executive Vice President and General Manager of American International Assurance Co Ltd.

Mr Sadler has been with HSBC for eleven years and has worked in a number of key areas in the Group including Group Financial Services Audit and Group Insurance...

-- Published 02 March 2005 --

The Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) today announced that its 12 member companies have submitted investigation reports to the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board identifying potential cases of improper switching involving CPF funds between 1 July 2003 and 31 March 2004.

The LIAs member companies will investigate each of these potential cases of improper switching. Appropriate action will be taken on confirmed cases and this can include the issuing of warning letters,...

-- Published 27 October 2004 --

Together with Consumers Association of Singapore, Life Insurance Association will be organising an educational seminar on Wednesday, 22 Sep 04. It will be a financial education event to be held under the national programme, MoneySENSE. For more seminar programme details, please refer to the poster.


- What is the role of life insurance in personal financial...

-- Published 14 September 2004 --

 The Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) has confirmed that none of its twelve member companies have ever employed or currently employ "opt-out" marketing methods in the sale of their life insurance products. On occasions, there may be some confusion on the part of the consumer over the nature of the product or service they are purchasing. LIA member companies will always endeavour to address such misunderstandings.

Consumers can be...

-- Published 15 July 2004 --

 Today the Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) has taken the lead to set compulsory minimum standards pertaining to key areas of market conduct for distributors of life insurance products. These LIA standards will apply to distributors as well as industry sales processes, and will primarily address the areas of switching, usage of promotional gifts, and twisting.

The utmost concern over the best interests of the consumer was a key motivation behind these...

-- Published 01 June 2004 --

The Life Insurance Association, Singapore (LIA) today affirmed its commitment to work with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and other stakeholders to facilitate achievement of the regulator's supervisory objectives. The life insurance industry will continue to set best practice standards that support MAS' vision for Singapore as a sound and progressive financial services sector.

The life insurance industry, like the financial services industry as a whole, has seen significant...

-- Published 19 April 2004 --